Magistral-Yug LLC carries out ship repair work in the volume of current, medium and major repairs. The main areas are:

  • repair of electrical equipment and automation systems for ships and ships;
  • repair of main and auxiliary engines of ships and ships: SKL (NVD 48A2U, NVD
  • 48AU, NVD 26A2, NVD 26A3), Sulzer25, 6Ч12 / 14, 4Ч10,5 / 13, 4Ч 8.5 / 11, 6ЧН 12/14, 6Ч18 / 22, 6ЧСПН 18/22, 6ЧРН 36/45 (Г-60, Г-70, Г-72, Г-74, Г-78, Г-93), 6ЧН 23/30, ДР 30/50, Wartsila R32, Wartsila R22, Skoda 27.5A2L, Skoda 27.5PN, Skoda S160, Skoda L160, 3D6, 3D12, BgW, DPRN 23 / 2×30, DPN 23 / 2×30
  • Repair and replacement of ship and ship hull structures;
  • Repair of deck and auxiliary equipment and mechanisms.

Magistral – South LLC has at its disposal the following technical documentation:

  1. Technical specification  to perform repairs.
  2. Technical documentation for repair.
  3. Catalogs of parts and assembly units.
  4. Instructions for electrical work.
  5. Norms of expenditure of spare parts for repairs.
  6. Technical description and operating instructions.
  7. Illustration albums for technical description and other technical documentation.

The company employs competent specialists (technologists and masters in the above areas), certified by
the Register of Ukraine, who have experience working on various vessels.
Magistral – Yug LLC has a Certificate of Compliance of the Enterprise of the Shipping Register of Ukraine. Also LLC Magistral-Yug has the ability to supply spare parts, equipment for engines. Magistral-Yug LLC is the leader of the economy in its field and has state awards.