High-tech, production facilities of Magistral-Yug LLC provide an opportunity to perform on their premises high-quality metal processing of a large range of materials:

  • armor steel;
  • black steel;
  • carbon, stainless steel;
  • aluminum;
  • titanium;
  • brass;
  • copper;
  • alloys.

The process of qualified metal processing is rather time-consuming creation of separate parts, various metal structures, and assembly units. In this process, the size and shape of the blanks will be changed, followed by the formation of the necessary configuration of the final product.
Today, many manufacturing organizations require complex, non-standard parts that cannot be purchased on the market, so these products are usually made to order.
The optimal choice will be the order of services for the professional processing of metals in the company “Magistral-Yug” on CNC machines:
turning, bending and rolling on all types of drawings;
milling works: external and internal threading, chamfering, facing, grooving, etc .;
welding operations: plasma welding, gas cutting, electrode welding, etc .
machining: deformation of steel surfaces, cast iron, of non-ferrous metal;
heat treatment: heating, holding and cooling in order to obtain the necessary properties of metals;
grinding, polishing surfaces;
powder coating;galvanization: coating of surfaces with a layer of zinc to form anticorrosive and decorative properties on meta